Corporate social responsibility

CSR the Attema way

As a participant in a society that is changing all the time, Attema naturally takes its social responsibility seriously. In everything we do, we take account of anyone affected in any way by our behaviour, not just customers, shareholders and the environment, but also personnel, suppliers, local residents and so on. Sustainable enterprise means ensuring that future generations are not harmed by these activities. With the right balance between People, Planet and Profit, the earth, with all its energy resources and raw materials, will be in a fit state to hand on to the next generation.

At Attema, corporate social responsibility and sustainability are increasingly embedded in our day-to-day practice. We focus on a wide range of solutions to minimise the burden we place on the environment, both within our company and with the products as delivered to and used by the customer. We are constantly on the look-out for new opportunities to make our business processes even more energy-efficient and to spare the environment as much as possible. Where we can, we ensure that residual and waste materials are fully recycled. We are taking ongoing action to reduce our CO2 emissions. The results of these measures are published via the ‘Duurzame Leverancier’ website, the platform for organisations investing in sustainability.

We also focus on the social aspects of corporate social responsibility, such as business ethics and integrity, employee rights and working conditions. Internally, we use a code of conduct for this. Within our supply chain, we are in dialogue with our suppliers on these matters.

For assembly and packaging work we make regular use of sheltered workshops in our local area. This enables us to respond flexibly, quickly and cost-effectively to our customers’ needs, but also strongly reflects our engagement with society. A society that benefits when everyone gets involved and nobody is left on the sidelines. But we go further than that, of course.

In developing new products, Attema seeks to minimise its environmental impact. For instance, we are increasingly adapting our range to the principles of sustainable construction and the creation of sustainable installations. Attema’s pluggable products and systems, for example, reflect the concept of electrical installations that match the wishes and needs of the current and future users of buildings, either directly or with minor adjustments. We are able to respond quickly and flexibly with custom-built solutions for customers, prefab solutions and supply chain collaboration. This delivers benefits when installing our products in terms of material usage, logistics and manpower. It also significantly reduces failure costs. Thus Attema continues to come up with innovative ideas that fit with a changing world.