Gijs Attema thought that installers at the time were not innovative enough. That is why he started his own installation business in 1959 in Gorinchem. With his pioneering approach and innovative ideas, he was quickly able to distinguish himself. While his colleagues faithfully kept on using Bakelite built-in boxes, he already experimented with the unexplored possibilities of plastic. He laid the foundations for the round thermoplastic built-in box, among other things.

Encouraged by the success of the new generation of built-in boxes, B.V. Kunststoffenindustrie Attema was founded in 1966. Quite soon, a whole range of other practical plastic (semi-finished) products were developed. And with the opening of the extrusion department in 1978, the possibilities to respond even better to market demand only increased. That same year, Attema also became sole shareholder of the Belgian injection moulding company Ideal Plastic Works in Erembodegem.

To keep up with growing demand and prosperous growth, the business had to expand and modernise over the years. With the commissioning of the new warehouse and headquarters in 1999, Attema were ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. Since then, many new solutions have been introduced. Not only in installation techniques and construction, but also in the infra world and in the field of special products. Meanwhile, we are hard at work to develop innovative ideas for the changing world of tomorrow.


Tijdlijn Engels