Career at Attema

At Attema, you’ll make it!

Innovative, market-oriented, professional and social are Attema’s core values. The knowledge, experience and input of our people determine to a great extent the success of our organisation. Our personnel policy is therefore aimed at using what everyone has to offer in an optimal way, and at stimulating the talents of all our co-workers. To achieve this, we provide good assistance and we offer you a lot of opportunities to shape your future in the most satisfactory way.

Introduction and assistance

To introduce you as quickly as possible to the Attema organisation and your new colleagues, we think a good and detailed introduction is a must. This means that you will attend an individual induction programme, tailored to your function within the company, for the first few days / weeks as a member of our staff. This will give you a quick insight into our vision, our culture and our work procedures, and you will feel right at home at Attema straight away.

Loads of opportunities

At Attema, you will have many opportunities to develop your talents to the full. We offer our co-workers training to enable them to grow with the developments. Your career opportunities depend on your own ambitions, efforts and talents. Promotion, widening your responsibilities or changing your function are always possible at Attema! Whenever a position becomes vacant, we always look for talent in-house first.

The right conditions

Of course, it is important that our people feel at home at Attema. In our company, you will find a pleasant work atmosphere and an enthusiastic, friendly team. Attema has an open culture: we are very interested in the human being behind the worker.

First-class working conditions:

In our opinion, good wages, a generous number of holidays and very good secondary working conditions, such as:

  • Refund of travel expenses
  • Collective care insurance
  • Extra healthcare benefits
  • Pension benefits
  • Fixed Christmas bonus
  • Variable bonus system
  • Accident insurance
  • Incapacity for work insurances
  • Education cost benefits


are the ingredients for a sustainable employment relationship that is characterized by success, quality, creativity, dedication, motivation and enjoyment.