Attema and tax department enter into a covenant

Tuesday 14 May 2013

On 11 December 2012, Attema and the tax department entered into the so-called Horizontal Supervision covenant. With this agreement, they express their will to be transparent about all fiscal and business processes and to be able and willing to control these processes.

This may – in term – result in a situation that tax declarations no longer need to be audited afterwards, but have already been agreed upon in advance. This way, we can avoid unpleasant fiscal surprises.

Mutual trust is, next to understanding and transparency, the key notion in horizontal supervision. With this system, the tax department aims at cooperation with rather than at the auditing of the company. “The management of Attema shows its commitment to be transparent and to meet its obligations”, says Mrs. Drs. H.C. Koole RA, collegiate director of the tax department ‘Rivierenland’. “Besides, its administrative organisation is of such high quality that in term the organisation should be able to submit correct, complete and timely declarations.”

In the covenant Attema B.V. represents, among others, to provide for a system of internal and external audits to be able to submit timely, correct and complete declarations and to pay on time. In addition, fiscal issues, if any, will be submitted to the tax department as soon as possible so that differences in opinion are already cleared prior to the declaration.

In exchange, the tax department gears the intensity and design of its audits to the internal control process within Attema, it ensures the swift payment of tax rebates and it will also establish contact with Attema whenever any difference in opinion may arise. The tax department provides explanation when information is asked and Attema grants active insight in all relevant facts, circumstances and points of view.

“Horizontal supervision shows that our business is managed in a fiscally correct way”, says Attema director Ton de Hoog. “We want to be in control. Also with regard to tax matters. We just want to meet our obligations. Through this way of cooperation with the tax department we know exactly what our fiscal situation is. The tax audits from the past cost a lot of efforts and energy from all our employees. It is much more efficient if discussions are settled prior to the tax declaration.”

Photo: the undersigning of the covenant by (from left to right): Theo Harzing (Marketing and Sales Director Attema B.V.), Mrs. H.C. Koole RA, collegiate director of the tax department ‘Rivierenland’ and Ton de Hoog (General Director Attema B.V.).