Attema offers new inserts! That’s how to realise quick airtight, sound proof or smoke tight hollow wall boxes.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Attema offered always a complete port folio hollow wall boxes. But we got demand for airtight boxes. Soundproof boxes. And smookproof boxes. Therefore we developed a very practical solution: inserts. So you can work better and more easy.

Airtight hollow wall boxes

Within the medical sector, like operation rooms and laboratories, there is a demand for airtight hollow wall boxes. Also in cleanrooms there are high demands for the tightness of installation boxes. Using the Attema inserts the solution is a piece of cake. And because the inserts comply with the EPC-standards, you also can install them in energy efficient homes. For more information click here.

Sound proof hollow wall boxes

Especially in hotels is a demand voor sound proof boxes for the hotel rooms. Now it’s easy realised with the sound proof inserts for hollow wall boxes. Of course these inserts are also usefull in seperation walls between apartments, or in house between bedrooms. The sound proof inserts are also airtight. For more information click here.

Smokeproof hollow wall boxes

Increasing fire safety requirements are the base for the development of the Attema smoke proof insert. Because only fire resistance won’t do anymore. Also smoke resistance (at ambient Sa and medium  S200 temperature) is required. The smoke proof inserts are a reliable and simple solution for these demands. Bonus: these inserts are not only smoke proof, but also airtight and sound proof! For more information click here.

Easy to combine: quick and practical

All inserts are halogen free. You combine these price-friendly solution with our commonly used hollow wall boxes: UHW50 and HWD50L. And with any brand of switch or socketoutlet. It makes installing a lot easier

That is what we call: installing according to Attema.