Cogas is installing glass fibre in Twente at full speed

Thursday 23 May 2013

Cogas is installing glass fibre in Twente at full speed


Cogas, the network manager in Twente, is installing glass fibre connections to the houses and shops in its supply area. We spoke with Marcel Eppink, project manager Service and Installation, about the installation of this new network.


“Cogas is, for more than 45 years already, the manager of the energy and cable network for about 130,000 households and businesses in the east of the Netherlands. Over the years, these regional infrastructural services have been extended with ‘Cogas Sustainable’ for sustainable energy projects and ‘Cogas Measuring Services’, which processes on a national scale the measuring data on the energy flows of industrial and private consumers. Cogas employs about 250 people. After its first experiences with glass fibre connections to 150 homes in 2010, the company started at the end of 2011 with the installation of glass fibre in the whole of its supply area. Through this installation we make our customers ready for a future with both more and new interactive services. A glass fibre network is indispensable for this. After Cogas started with a second pilot project of 1,850 connections introducing a new solution in the power distribution boxes, the project was scaled up under competitive pressure. This not only creates huge challenges as to the installation of all these glass fibre cables, but also with regard to the development of new services and all related marketing communication.”


“For some years now, Cogas observes a trend towards the further personalisation of digital media, which in turn has an impact on both content and service offer. Based on a long-term vision and research into the needs and wishes of customers, Cogas decided to speed up the installation of glass fibre and, as such, reduce its ‘time-to-market’,” says Marcel.


“Cogas therefore needs suppliers that support this process. The installation of glass fibre has a huge impact on our organisation and all suppliers involved. A lot of new infrastructure must be installed within a short period of time. I know Attema as a professional specialist. Attema advised Cogas on the distribution sleeves to be used. The choice for the Attema sleeve was also inspired by the selected type of cable. Attema warranted that the two-fibre 6 mm duct would in combination with the sleeve offer a waterproof solution. This is ideal as underground closure. We also established that the space taken up by the sleeve in combination with 46 connections offers benefits compared to other closures. Next to the sleeve, we also intend to install Attema’s FTU in our glass fibre network.”


“As the modernisation and improved sustainability of our infrastructure and service offer are strategic priorities to Cogas, we strive for long-term relationships with the same partners. The cooperation with Attema is pleasant. We receive proper feedback and together look for good solutions for installing the FTTH network. Now, amidst the stepped up execution phase, we discover every day that we teamed up with the right suppliers.”