Extra reliable concrete constructions thanks to plastic solution

Thursday 23 May 2013

As part of the Hurks Group, Hurks Prefabbeton computes, draws, produces and mounts various concrete constructions for high-rise apartment buildings and utility projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK. In some cases, this requires specialised, customized work, for which they call on the services of Attema Special Products, such as for the building of the ABN AMRO head office in Amsterdam.

The approach

Constructions are most vulnerable in places where concrete elements connect. In order to guarantee ABN AMRO maximum safety, Hurks were researching a solid solutions for the realisation of reliable connections between the so-called girdles and casting points. Everything needs to connect seamlessly without the slightest play. A clever Drossbach pipe cap was therefore developed in close cooperation with Attema Special Products.

The result

When constructing the ABN AMRO headquarters, the Drossbach pipe cap made it possible to achieve the strongest connections possible within concrete constructions. Attema were not only closely involved in the development, but also in the production of the pipe cap, for which a special injection mould was made. Meanwhile, the ABN AMRO headquarters have been in use for many years, but the injection mould is still being managed by Attema, and Hurks Prefabbeton still have the pipe cap produced regularly for new projects