Fibre-optics connections with no limitations

Thursday 30 May 2013

At the request of CIF, a Dutch organisation in the field of communication infrastructure and data connections, Attema Special Products developed a neutral Fibre Termination Unit (FTU) with corresponding installation manual. An FTU is used to connect the external fibre-optic cable to the fibre-optic cable inside the house.

The approach

After only a few brain-storming sessions between CIF and Attema, concrete ideas were available for an FTU with which everyone can make optimal use of fibre-optics. It was decided to develop a plastic unit in which the fibre-optic cable is simply spliced in a cassette that is connected with two fibres to two adapters. Thanks to the unique two-fibre solution, several providers can now offer triple-play services (phone, broadband and television). The end-user also has a secure, passive infrastructure. By not integrating the Network Terminator into the FTU on purpose, this creates a neutral solution that offers any provider the possibility to transmit a signal, whatever the technical requirements.

The result

In addition to CIF, more and more parties are now making use of the compact FTU developed in cooperation with Attema. Contractors tell us that they are very easy to install, not only thanks to the clear instructions manual, but also thanks to its compact size.