From now on, safe dishwashing is always guaranteed

Sunday 26 May 2013

Industrial dishwasher systems often use highly concentrated chemicals. To protect man and the environment, Attema Special Products and Diversey, producer of washing products, developed a completely new metering system. This system is compliant to very high safety requirements and is resistant to chemical reactions.

The approach

When developing the metering system with integrated detection system (fitted with a float), a single, central coupling was opted for, for reasons of cost-effectiveness. Eleven differently shaped keys can be mounted onto this, each key with its own unique colour. The colours correspond to the closures and packages of the different chemicals. To meet all safety requirements, the moulds for the metering system had to be produced with the greatest possible accuracy. Different components are also welded ultrasonically. During production, tensile and pressure tests (up to 10 bar!), leak tests and fitting tests are always used to check that safety is optimally guaranteed. In addition, Attema Special Products subject each connector that leaves the plant to critical quality control.


The result

A high-grade, ergonomic system with which packages of chemicals can be connected and disconnected quickly and safely. The recognisable colour coding and the special shaped keys ensure that the chemicals cannot be mixed up and connected wrongly by mistake