Street Cabinet + Hybrid FiberManagement Box

Mains distributor NVt, 192 fibres, CSP, 48 outlets, loop, IP65

Mains distributor NVt, 192 fibres, CSP, 48 outlets, loop, IP65
  • AT29321
  • 8712259375298
  • Street cabinet:
  • 60-80μm polyester powder coating
  • Integrated foundation
  • Stainless steel
  • Universal ½ Euro-cylinder
  • Weatherproof mounting panel
  • Removable front panel
  • Pre-assembled fixing points for pipes and cables
  • FM Box:
  • 48 MDIC input ports
  • Flexibility in the FTTX concept
  • Flexibility in fiber network management
  • Integrated strain relief per cable / duct
  • Easy entry seal for each individual cable or duct
  • Structured management of cables, fibres and welding protectors
  • Suitable for direct buried customer cables and ducts
  • Easy to install
  • Saving on working time
  • Protection class IP65
  • Impact-resistant
  • Window Cut
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Product information

Street Cabinet + Hybrid FiberManagement Box

Attema’s Fiber Management Box (FM Box) with street cabinet is an above-ground distribution point (DP) that has been specially developed for at most 48 buried so-called Fiber-to-the-Home subscriber connection cables or ducts. For the splice mechanic the working method for sorting, splicing and storing the fiberglass cables is the same as for Attema’s well-known underground Fiber Mangement Plate(FMP). Thanks to the pre-assembled parts, the compact format, the supplied suspension bracket and the ease of assembly, the FM-Box is excellent suitable to use in the Attema street. The FM Box with street cabinet is also available with a Window Cut.

Technical information
Technical information

Datasheet Hybrid FttX Street Cabinet (48v) + Window Cut AT29321 AT29322 V1.1

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Mains distributor NVt, 192 fibres, CSP, 48 outlets, loop,...

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