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Infra according to Attema

Coupling-/repair closures

Fast and compact repairing, extending or connecting optical fiber

Below-ground Fiber-to-the-Home networks are expanding at a steady rate. The European plans for the future are very ambitious. The more customer connection cables or ducts will be installed, the higher the risk that during the installation or afterwards failures due to excavation works will occur. In such event, it is of vital importance that the splice mechanic is able to repair the problem rapidly and in a compact manner. Next to repairing the closures can also be used for extending and/or connecting customer connection cables or ducts. This above-ground as well below-ground. Due to the universal character of the closures you will keep freedom of choice regarding the FttH concept.

The clear sequence of actions enables the splice mechanic to execute his works rapidly and faultlessly using a compact closure. The IP68 waterproofness has been tested according to EN 60529.