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Infra according to Attema

FttX-distribution Closure

Installing fiberglass faster and cheaper

Information flows are increasing spectacularly. Broadband has the future. In the Netherlands alone, millions of homes will be connected to fiberglass the next coming years. Based on a close collaboration with building contractors, users, customers and suppliers and the careful monitoring of market requirements, Attema developed an innovative, high-quality and durable distribution closure. This closure seamlessly matches the requirements and demands of the fiberglass market and enables to enhance the installation of fiberglass with the current capacity of installers.

With the innovative solutions in the distribution closure both clients and contractors can rely on the increased certainty of their costly underground fiberglass network. During the whole of the development phase, Attema also focused on reducing the required working hours, which results in a reduction of the contractor?s overall costs. With this universal distribution closure trendsetting contractors can work regardless of the FttH concept selected by system integrators. Installers can work in a fast and orderly manner thanks to the user-friendly parts of the closure.