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Hybrid FiberManagement Box

Ready-to-install & easy accessable above-ground hybrid distribution point

Attema’s Fiber Management Box (FM Box) is an above-ground distribution point (DP) that has been specially developed for at most 48 buried so-called Fiber-to-the-Home subscriber connection cables or ducts. For the splice mechanic the working method for sorting, splicing and storing the fiberglass cables is the same as for Attema’s well-known underground distribution closure. Thanks to the pre-assembled parts, the compact format, the supplied suspension bracket and the ease of assembly, the FM-Box is excellent suitable to use in the Attema street cabinet as well as in interior technical rooms. The FM Box is also available with a lock and a Window Cut.

Attema’s Fiber Management Box (FM Box) is an above-ground distribution box that has been specially developed for one or two incoming minicables and for at most 48 buried FttH subscriber connection cables or ducts. The incoming and outgoing fiber optic cables retain their mechanical strength and watertightness right up to the input frame. From this point the mechanic quickly and easily inserts each stripped drop cable or duct into a separate and flexible watertight input spout with integrated cable retention. No special tools are required.

Port numbers are indicated on the front and rear of the frame for the correct coding sequence. The mechanic places the strength element of the minicable in a pre-installed cable retention. After that, the mechanic will lead the tubes and optic fi bers through guideways to the pre-installed splice trays in a structured and protected manner. Maximum capacity is 96 ANT or mini heatshrink splice protectors or 96 heatshrink splice protectors Ø 2.4 x 45 mm.

The integrated cable retention is specially made to fit the drop cable diameters of a predetermined FttH concept from the relevant system integrator. Colour codings are used for this component for easy recognition. Once the special suspension bracket has been fi xed to the wall, the FM Box can simply be attached to the bracket. Thanks to the factory pre-assembled parts, the mechanic receives a ready-to-use unit suitable for various above ground DP-applications. Benefits of FM Box Suited for directly buried client cables Easy to install Integrated cable relief bracket Saves working hours Structured management of cables, fibres and splice protectors Halogen-free Impact-resistant Waterproof IP65.

Advantages FM-Box
Hybrid entry ports Ø3,0 – 8,0 mm
Flexibility in FttX concept
Flexibility in managing the fiber optic network
Easy entry seal for each individual cable or duct
Structured management of cables, ducts and fusion splices
Suitable for direct buried cables or ducts
Easy to install
Saving labour costs
Protection class IP65
Impact resistant