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Infra according to Attema

Hybrid FiberManagement Plate - 48v + Window Cut

Installing fiberglass faster and cheaper

Attema’s Distribution Closure has been developed so that it simplifies the logistical planning, for Fiber-to-the-Home network installations, by introducing separation between the civil engineering component and final mounting of the optic fibers at a later point in time. The cable installers store the required overlength of fiber optic cable or duct in the firm plastic housing which offers protection against subsequent excavation work. The buried Distribution Closure complies with Group 2 according to the standard EN124.

The splice mechanic is able to splice in a protected environment using the stored overlength. The splice mechanic uses a separately available Fibermanagementplate (FMP ), which the mechanic assembles underneath the lid. Afterwards, the mechanic puts the overlength back in the housing. The Distribution Closure in combination with the Fiber Management Plate is protected in seven ways against water damage and is therefore the most reliable solution for all FttX situations. The Distribution Closure is suitable for maximal 48 client connections.

Structured and protected
The incoming and outgoing fiber optic cables retain their mechanical strength and watertightness right up to the input frame. From this point the mechanic quickly and easily inserts each stripped drop cable into a separate and flexible watertight input spout with integrated cable retention. Port numbers are indicated on the front and rear of the frame for the correct coding sequence. He places the strength element of the minicable in a pre-installed cable retention. After that, the mechanic will lead the tubes and optic fibers through guideways to the pre-installed splice trays in a structured and protected manner.

Colour coding
The integrated cable retention is specially made to fit the drop cable diameters of a predetermined FttH concept from the relevant system integrator. Colour codings are used for this component for easy recognition. A universal blind stop is supplied for placement in the non-used input spouts.

The mechanic mounts the Fiber Management Plate underneath the extremely firm lid. The O-ring seal and the flexible input spouts provide the splicing compartment a watertight protection against groundwater and a guaranteed IP68 seal against a water column of up to 1 meter.

The mechanic receives a ready-to-use unit through the pre-installation of components in the factory. For even greater convenience, small combs are supplied as an helping tool for sorting the optic fibers before splicing.?