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Installation according to Attema

In-Home Connectivity

At home, people live their lives with the help of the Internet. Not only communicating with friends, online shopping, and working from home, but also enjoying music, HD-TV, movies and online gaming. All applications that are fully integrated nowadays. And still new applications are being developed. More and more home appliances from coffee machine to central heating systems for example can be operated via the internet. For all these activities and applications, a good and stable internet connection is a requirement. That sounds obvious, but it is not in practice.

Optic fiber connection Then what?
More than 30% of the Dutch homes already have access to an optic fiber connection. The number of households that uses the connection for the Internet is continuously growing. Obviously, because fiber optic makes a high-speed Internet access possible. Only this possibility is hardly being used in practice. Because what usually happens? The optic fiber connection is installed into the distribution cabinet or into the living room. How fast, stable and reliable the internet connection actually is depends on the in-home infrastructure. Unfortunately, this infrastructure is often insufficient. The combination of high-speed Internet until the distribution cabinet with a poor WiFi reception in the different rooms happens regularly. The frustrated consumer blames the optic fiber network for the Internet problems. Wrongfully, because the problem is the in-home infrastructure!

Thé solution: In-Home Connectivity from Attema!
You as an installer can solve the problem of the consumer. With the In-Home Connectivity concept from Attema you can ensure that every consumer obtains the maximum benefit from its optic fiber connection. The principle of In-Home Connectivity is simple. From the distribution cabinet you install, through a Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) cable, a high-speed network, which also uses the speed of light. Every room in the house, whether it’s the bathroom, the bedroom or the attic, you can provide with fixed connections. This way, you can create the desired Internet connection anywhere in home. You also freed the consumer from unsightly wires or WiFi amplifiers that are not working. Because In-Home Connectivity fits any wall outlet.