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Installation according to Attema

K40 skirting duct system

The most attractive skirting board system for every connection.

The K40 skirting board system has a modern design and includes extremely compact switching devices that lend themselves to the installation of complete surface-mount systems for 230V, low-voltage and data cabling.

K40 is easy to mount and install. Thanks to the symmetric cover strip, vertical applications are also possible. It is simple to expand and offers the flexibility of combination with the K25/P25 system. It can also be seamlessly integrated with existing systems.

The system is extremely well suited for renovation and changing user requirements. The switching devices can easily be moved. The usable storage area for the wiring remains optimal.

The K40 system complies with EN 50085-1 and EN 50085-2-1.
K40 is suitable for 16A/250V~ installations.
Protection rating: IP40 (EN 60529).
Impact resistance: IK07 (EN 50102).
Minimum temperature for storage and transportation: 5°C.
Minimum temperature during installation and use: 5°C.
Maximum operating temperature: + 60°C.

K40 skirting board system

Compartment 1: cross-section 350 mm², maximum number of cables: 2x Ø10 mm or 1x Ø13 mm
Compartment 2: cross-section 640 mm², maximum number of cables: 3x Ø10 mm or 2x Ø13 mm