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Infra according to Attema

Midi Fiber Dome

Exceptionally smart

Cost-effective roll-out of optic fiber networks
With a smart and efficient approach, installing optic fiber networks in rural areas opens up tremendous opportunities. We developed the Midi Fiber Dome in consultation with industry experts. You can very easily connect 1 to 6 customers to this distribution point. Because of the flexible input ports, trendsetting contractors will retain their freedom when choosing a cable or tube system. This also presents many opportunities in terms of service and maintenance. The outcome will be the same; working more efficiently as opposed to working harder with reduced costs (TCO) as the final result.
New DAC cables with 12, 24 or 48 fibres are simply buried directly into the ground. This means: lower costs
and faster work.

Flexibility in FttH concept
Attema offers the total solution for the roll-out of fiber networks. Depending on the spread of the homes,
you choose the Midi Fiber Dome for a maximum of 6 connections, a distribution point for a maximum
of 24 connections or a distribution point for a maximum of 48 connections. As installation is so easy,
the FttH is also cost-effective outside urban areas.