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Infra according to Attema

Street cabinet + Fiber Management Box

Ready-to-install & easy accessable above-ground distribution point

Attema’s Fiber Management Box (FM Box) is an above-ground distribution point (DP) that has been specially developed for at most 48 buried so-called Fiber-to-the-Home subscriber connection cables or ducts. For the splice mechanic the working method for sorting, splicing and storing the fiberglass cables is the same as for Attema’s well-known underground distribution closure. Thanks to the pre-assembled parts, the compact format, the supplied suspension bracket and the ease of assembly, the FM-Box is excellent suitable to use in the Attema street cabinet as well as in interior technical rooms. The FM Box is also available with a lock and a Window Cut.

Advantages street cabinet
60-80μm Polyester Powder coating
Integrated Foundation
Stainless Steel
Universal ½ Euro cylinder
Weather resistant mounting panel
Detachable front panel
Premounted fixation points for ducts and cables

Advantages FM-Box
Suitable for buried subscriber cables or duct
Easy to install
Integrated cable or duct retention
Saving labour costs
Structured management of ducts (or cables) and fusion splices
Impact resistant
Protection class IP65