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2265: AK2-B IP65 Housing

  • AK2-B IP65 Housing
  • AK2-B IP65 Housing

All benefits at a glance

  • Metric lead-in M20
  • Equipped with fixed seal.
  • Raised cover; easy to adapt for various industrial applications.
  • Base with attachment notches for attachment of, for example, DIN rails.
  • Each housing includes 2 closure plugs, 2 metal screws and a matching DIN rail type 35×7,5.

Trade Characteristics

Article:AK2-B IP65 Housing
Packaging quantity:10 x 4 pcs

Technical Specification

IP rating:IP65
Halogen free:Yes

Tips & Tricks

Superior ease:
A variety of components can be attached in the raised housing lid.
Lid is easy to treat (drill, mill, etc.)
Standard with custom-made DIN rail.
Also available IP40 housing lid (art. nr. 2261) for combination with AK2-S or AK2 base.

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