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Cable-mate junction boxes 100% pluggable

Cable-mate junction boxes 100% pluggable

Expanding the range with the lead-in and lead-out cap (WIK) for Wieland GST18 or WAGO WINSTA Midi chassis parts and the Cable-mate AK2-S junction boxes has resulted in many fully pluggable solutions. It is, therefore, no longer necessary to strip, cut and make cables the right length on construction sites. Almost every electrical installations can now be installed fully pluggable, from the distributor to the last connection, with ready-made, prefabricated Attema junction boxes and Wieland or WAGO cables with plugs.

The new Cable-mate junction boxes from Attema make 100% pluggable installation even quicker and easier! Whether it has to be installed on a cable duct or a wire duct, the universal assembly plates mean there is always a suitable solution.

Specific project designs are available on request.

Every project has its own specific challenges. Attema can now offer you the correct, customised solution that you need. You can choose from the following options:
= Lead-in and lead-out with 3-pole, 4-pole or 5-pole GST18/WINSTA Midi chassis parts for 1-phase, 2-phase or 3-phase installations.
= Covers with sockets, covers with a maximum of eight 3-pole GST18/WINSTA Midi chassis parts, covers with a maximum of five 3-pole, 4-pole or 5-pole chassis parts.
= Both the covers and the chassis parts are available in different colours and shape codes, thereby creating more options for distinguishing between different circuits.
= Assembly options consisting of a flat (VK) or pre-shaped (GZ) assembly plate for cable ducts, an MD assembly plate for wire ducts or the MK assembly plate for assembly on the side of a cable duct.
= With 2.5 mm2 halogen-free wiring.