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1094: UHW50 Hollow wall junction box for cable Ø 8 14 mm

  • UHW50 Hollow wall junction box for cable

All benefits at a glance

  • Sheet 1 27.5 mm.
  • Plasterboard 9.5 27.5 mm.
  • Fitted with integral, smoothly hinging combi conduit lead-ins.
  • Also suitable for concrete brick with a conduit channel (MBI B2 blocks).
  • Provided with 2 x Cable Strain Relief.
  • Cable Strain Relief provided with strain relief of 20N.
  • Cable Strain Relief provided with a strain relief from inside to outside.
  • One lead-in is closed off by a knock-out.
  • Anchored firmly in the wall by the metal screw fastening plates with three threads.
  • No gap between the switch plate and wall due to the extremely thin, sturdy rim of the metal fastening sets.
  • Cable Strain Relief suitable for cable of Ø 8 to Ø 14 mm.
  • Extra feed-through possibility for coupled boxes.
  • Distance to conduit lead-in: 29 mm.

Trade Characteristics

Article:UHW50 Hollow wall junction box for cable
Packaging quantity:100 pcs

Technical Specification

Internal depth:50 mm
Diameter of circle saw to use:76 mm
Centre-to-centre distance of the holes to be drilled:71 mm

Tips & Tricks

Hollow wall sockets the right centre distance:
A properly drilled hole has a positive influence on the mounting of the hollow wall box in the wall. Make sure you have the right centre distance (71mm) in case of coupled boxes.71

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