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5780: T25 Tee cream (RAL 1013)

  • T25 Tee

All benefits at a glance

  • With guide piece that can be fitted with radius protection for ICT cabling (UTP, FTP and STP) in 1 direction.
  • Attachment to K25/P25/Z25 conduit using click connection.
  • Overlaps the cover 5 mm. It is unnecessary to cut the cover perfectly square at exactly the right length.

Trade Characteristics

Article:T25 Tee
Packaging quantity:5 x 10 pcs

Technical Specification

Colour:Cream (RAL 1013)

Tips & Tricks

The guidances introduced in the accessories ensure that vulnerable ICT-cables are guided with the correct minimum bend radius around bends. This means that the cabling can undisrupted reach its optimum performance.

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