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MultiPD Flat Box 100% pluggable

Cable-mate MultiPD Flat Boxes 100% pluggable

The addition to the range of a connectable mounting plate for the Flat Boxes equipped with Wieland GST18 or WAGO WINSTA Midi chassis parts means that there are now a large number of fully pluggable solutions. These are particularly suitable for installations under raised floors, but also of course above false ceilings and in other tight spaces. There is no longer any need to strip cables and cut them to size on site. Almost any electrical installation can now be installed in a fully pluggable manner. From distribution panel to final connection point with ready-made prefabricated Attema MultiPD boxes and Wieland or WAGO cables with plugs. The new Cable-mate MultiPD Flat Boxes from Attema make 100% pluggable installations even faster and easier!

Specific project designs are available on request

Every project has its own specific challenges. Attema can offer you the customised pluggable solution you need. You can choose from the following options:
the MultiPD boxes can be equipped with 3-, 4or 5-pin GST18/WINSTA Midi chassis parts for creating 1-, 2or 3-phase installations.
the quantity of GST18/WINSTA Midi chassis parts will determine whether a single, double or triple MultiPD box needs to be used.
the MultiPD boxes can be equipped with chassis parts in different colours and shape coding, resulting in more possibilities for distinguishing between different circuits.