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Penvast concrete system junction boxes

The unshakeable system

Attema’s Penvast® concrete system is used at the construction site and is ideal for repetitive work. After measurement, the holes are drilled and the boxes are installed. Penvast® works exceptionally quickly: for the following pour it is unnecessary to measure again just drill the holes and install the boxes. The boxes remain firmly in place, even if the concrete has not yet hardened completely.

The system features a complete range of accessories and few loose parts. It is suitable for both wooden and steel forms.

The construction of covers and conduit lead-ins guarantees that the boxes are sealed against concrete water. The conduit lead-ins of all Penvast® boxes are equipped with click connections for automatic, doubt-free conduit connections.

The installation can easily be performed by one person. Removal of the forms requires no additional effort.

Fixing by means of pins.
One-off measuring and drilling of the formwork.
Suitable for all types of conventional formwork.
Ideal for repetitive work.