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9020: Z25 Cable raceway 3 m cream (RAL 1013)

  • Z25 Cable raceway 3 m
  • Z25 Cable raceway 3 m

All benefits at a glance

  • Cover included.
  • Can be used in combination with the corner pieces for the K25/P25 raceway system.
  • Includes slots and nail holes.
  • Internal dimensions: 22.5×10.5 mm.

Trade Characteristics

Article:Z25 Cable raceway 3 m
Packaging quantity:25 lgt. x 3 m

Technical Specification

Colour:Cream (RAL 1013)

Tips & Tricks

Z25 and 25/K25: can be combined ideally:
The Z25 can be combined perfectly with all P25 and K25 parts. This application is highly suitable for the invisible installation of all kinds of cables such as security cables, coax, PA cables, telephone cables, etc.
Thanks to the (new) accessories with radius security, Z25 is highly suitable for data –cabling,