Quality and sustainability

When a product does not meet all requirements in practice, this can immediately result in serious delays and considerable extra costs. Of course, we want to safeguard our customers against this in all circumstances. Therefore, at Attema, we apply the highest possible quality standards in all aspects of our business, while staying continuously on the lookout for new opportunities to improve our products and corporate processes even more.

For many years, we have been operating on the basis of an integrated and officially certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This not only guarantees the consistent high quality of our products, it also gives the assurance that we always keep our promises 100%. Should a problem still occur unexpectedly, we will not rest until a fully satisfactory solution is found.

Besides quality, we are also very keen on sustainability. We are convinced that sustainable building offers advantages for everything and everyone. We consider it as one of the spearheads in our policy. This is expressed, among other things, in an efficient chain cooperation whereby advantages of scale are optimized, but also in sustainable customized solutions that offer a lot of extra savings in material usage, logistics and manpower.

An eye for man and environment

As part of a society in constant evolution, at Attema, we take our social responsibility seriously. Certainly with a view to future generations, we do everything we can to consume even less energy in our activities and to spare the environment as much as possible. Therefore, we are also extra careful with the raw and other materials we use.

To prevent useless wastage, we organise our production processes ever more efficiently. Whenever we can, we make sure that the residual and waste products are recycled, in order not to burden the environment unnecessarily. We are currently also busy analysing and structurally reducing our CO2 output. And that’s not all. Indeed, at Attema, we are used to always look ahead and research how we can actively contribute towards a better world.

We also outsource some of our assembly and packaging activities to social enterprises in our area. We don’t do this only to respond more quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively to our customers’ needs, but also with a view to our social involvement. Society can only benefit from getting everyone involved and leaving no-one behind