The logical link between KPN Telecom and Attema

Thursday 30 May 2013

Attema and KPN Telecom have been working together for decades in developing and producing IS/RA boxes. IS/RA stands for the interface between the customer’s KPN infrastructure (IS) and peripherals (RA): the link between the “outside line” and the “inside lines”.

The approach

To prepare the copper-ready ISRA box for fiber-optics, Attema investigated alternative, cost-effective connection techniques without compromising reliability. The assembly too was greatly simplified by putting all components on a single circuit board. Now, both circuit board and fiber-optics connector are clicked into the plastic housing very easily, and the installation of an IS/RA box does not require any special tools anymore. The concept was tested with models created by Attema via Rapid Prototyping. The final design was perfected on the basis of these tests.

The end-result

The IS/RA box underscores KPN’s brand image. It has been designed so that possible contamination of the contacts is impossible. Only qualified installers who have certified keys can open the boxes. The packaging is attuned in an optimal manner to all stages in the process.

What next

Now that the need for more and faster data communication, a/o via the “Triple-Play” concept (phone, fast broadband and (HD)TV), increases rapidly, KPN is implementing ‘pair bonding technique’ more and more. Hereby, two conductor pairs that are already present in the network are bundled to form a connection that is twice as fast. As a result, a lot of IS/RA boxes need replacing. KPN wanted to use these products straight away to build in an extra network test function. A practical solution for this was found during a series of brain-storming sessions with Attema Special Products. Meanwhile, this solution has been implemented in the latest generation of IS/RA boxes.