Simple roll-out of optic fiber networks in rural areas

With a smart and efficient approach, installing optic fiber networks in rural areas opens up tremendous opportunities. We developed the Midi Fiber Dome in consultation with industry experts. You can connect 1 to 6 customers to this watertight, impact-resistant distribution point.

This is how the Midi Fiber Dome works

Flexibility in FttH concept

  • Multifunctional product
  • Universal solution for cable / duct diameters Ø 2,5 – 8,0 mm
  • Integrated strain relief per cable / duct
  • Window Cut possibility
  • Plug & Play installation
  • Reliable and fast delivery times

Flexibility in FttH concept

Attema offers the total solution for the roll-out of fiber networks. As well as the Midi Fiber Dome, we also offer distribution points for a maximum of 24 and a maximum of 48 connections. Depending on the spread of the homes, you decide which distribution point is suitable and this can then very easily be connected. That is infrastructure according to Attema.

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At Attema, we believe that innovations should offer real solutions. That is why, in conjunction with you, we developed the Midi Fiber Dome. With the industry experts. The result is impressive: a practical, high-quality solution which can be installed quickly, as a result of which FttH also becomes cost-effective in rural areas.

Innovation only makes sense if it actually adds something. In our view, it is therefore an absolute prerequisite that, when developing products, there is close collaboration with industry experts. For that reason, when developing the Midi Fiber Dome, we brought in contractors specialising in infrastructure and fiber optic network operators. We visited various projects in rural areas and spoke to the experts who carry out the installations. We have converted their wishes and requirements into an innovative product, the Midi Fiber Dome.

Lower costs for each fiber optic connection

The result: Attema launches another innovative solution in the Netherlands. The Midi Fiber Dome. A watertight, impact-resistant distribution point for a maximum of 6 connections, which fulfils all market requirements. A practical distribution point which can be installed quickly, that reduces the cost for each fiber optic connection in rural areas.

Midi Fiber Dome: View the possibilities in 360°

Are you curious how the Midi Fiber Dome actually works?
Take a look at how easily you can install this smart distribution point, including in rural areas.