Your lead in speed. NEW: the next generation FMP

Wednesday 9 October 2019

The market is constantly changing to install optic fiber networks as efficiently as possible. Working together with experts from the field, Attema has further developed the current FMP’s, resulting in the next generation hybrid FMP. This hybrid FMP is suitable for use both in the cores, on business parks and in the rural areas. Above ground (indoors and in a street cabinet) and underground.

Searching for practical solutions with experts

At Attema we believe it is important to listen to our customers: it is precisely the people in the field who come up with the best suggestions. For example, we ended up on a large project where a fiber optic network was installed in a rural area. They did not use Attema products there: because they connected an average of 16 houses per distribution point, where our existing FMP with max 48 connections was not an interesting option. But during the project the contractors had problems with the quality of the closures and with the limited speed with which they could work. And so they asked us to think along. The result was a temporary edition of a 24-fold FMP, with which they were able to work well.

Innovative total solution

These signals from the field naturally made us think. As a result, we developed the new Hybrid FMP’s in consultation with experts in the field. With a separate FMP with connections for up to 24 customers. Together with the renewed Hybrid FMP for up to 48 connections and the existing Midi Fiber Dome for up to 6 households, Attema offers affordable total solutions to rollout fiber optic networks for both cities and rural areas. In addition, these innovative FMP’s also makes you work faster and easier.

All benefits at a glance

With the input from professionals, we made improvements, which puts us at the forefront of the development of products that work as efficiently as possible. The benefits of the Hybrid FMP:

– Hybrid entry ports Ø 3-8 mm cables or ducts
– Flexibility in managing fiber optic networks
– Above ground and underground applicable
– Plug & Play-Installation
– Integrated cable / duct retention
– Flexibility in FttX concept
– Structured Fiber Management

To make your work even more efficient, we also improved the distribution closure: the FttX-Distribution closure.

See how the Hybrid FMP makes your job easier

Street Cabinet + FM-Box

Is a distribution point not completely spliced at once? Then it is sometimes more convenient to choose for a Hybrid FM Box (FMB) with a street cabinet. This box has the same advantages as the FMP and can therefore also be used above ground in street cabinets and in indoor technical rooms. Our street cabinet is made of stainless steel, with a 60-80 µm polyester powder coating and universal ½ euro cylinder. The cabinet has an integrated foundation, weather-resistant mounting panel, removable front panel and pre-mounted fixation points for the overlength length of cables or ducts .

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