Hybrid FiberManagement Plate

Distribution closure, housing underground for FMP, IP68

Distribution closure, housing underground for FMP, IP68
  • AT29030
  • 8712259295503
  • One universal product for the civil team, independent of the chosen "direct buried" customer connection cable or duct.
  • Standard detection coil in the lid (Telecom 101.4 kHz).
  • Easy assembly.
  • Sand-tight port seals.
  • Parts in order of use packed in a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Assembly instructions included.
  • Dimensions: 90 x 35 x 30 cm (LxWxH), ground cover 30 cm for pipes at a depth of 60 cm.
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1 st.
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Product information

Hybrid FiberManagement Plate

The FiberManagement Plate(FMP) in combination with our Distribution Closure is an underground distributionpoint. This concept has been developed for a maximum of 48 direct buried Fiber to the Home customercables or duct. The FMP has been designed to separate the civil work and the welding of the fibers. The welding will be done at a later time. With this concept the process of civil work and welding will be optimized. This is due to preassembled parts, the compact size and it is easy to install. This makes the FMP a great fit as an underground distributionpoint. The FMP is also available with a window cut.

Technical information
Technical information

Datasheet FttX Distribution Closure AT29030 V1.0

107.7 KB | 2021-08-03

Product data sheet

Distribution closure, housing underground for FMP, IP68

Article no: AT29030


Instruction Manual Civil FttX Distr. Closure AT29030 V1.0

918.9 KB | 2019-12-17

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