Fire-protection central ceiling boxes

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CH75R-BW Ceiling Junctionbox hollow ceiling Ø 16/19 mm
CH75R-BW Ceiling Junctionbox hollow ceiling Ø...
Fire-protection central ceiling boxes
  • 60 minutes fire-resistant
  • Suitable for rachel ceilings and metal stud ceilings
  • Application: thick(er) ceiling tiles (e.g. 2 x 12.5 mm plasterboard)
  • 45% more welding space than a traditional square central box
  • 12 combituiten 16 en 19 mm
  • Equipped with conical tube inlet with tube snapper.
  • Screw slots between the pipe entries
  • Screw cams for bottom mounting
  • Clamps: a 3rd hand for rachels 22 mm
  • Suitable for cable entry in combination with KST (art. no. 1062)
  • Associated lids: artnr 5010 and 5011
Order number: AT1006
Halogen free: Yes Amount Packaging: 25 st. globalAttribute.attrPackagingAmount: 25 KAR x 590 MM