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Flexible conduit

Installation with flexibility

Attema flexible conduits are distinguished by their practical characteristics.

Flexible conduit from Attema is impact-resistant, heat-resistant, air- and water-tight, wear-resistant, lightweight, shape-retaining and, of course, extremely flexible.

Unpacking and rolling it off the large rolls goes smoothly thanks to the clever packaging with sturdy binding bands and shrinkwrap. This packaging also protects against dirt and undesired unrolling.
Installation and cable pulling proceeds smoothly due to the minimal rib resistance.
Less scrap material: easily fit and cut the right length.
Guaranteed water-tight, thus also suitable for application in poured cement.
Works extra quickly: coupling and bending is unnecessary.

Halogen-free Electroflex conduits for installations with higher demands on fire safety.
Fire extinguishing.
KEMA tested according to NEN-EN-IEC 61386-1 and -22.
Flexible, and therefore easy to handle.
Easy to pull wires and cables, thanks to the special smooth inner layer.

Smooth PE conduit: minimal resistance when pulling wires.
Resistant to high temperature, thus extremely good for use in cement with a heated form.
Ideal for use in combination with the Penvast® system from Attema.

Protective tubing suitable for use as a thermal insulating material, on CH or water pipes for instance.
Can be used as a protective sheath for electrical connections on machines.
Good adhering cavity material for the feed-through of pipes and cables in concrete.

Especially well suited for cables in situations in which during a fire no poisonous or corrosive gases may be released.
Good chemical resistance.
Ambient temperature range -40 to +100 °C: suitable for cables and pipes near heat sources or cooling sources.