HaloX® concrete installation housing (precast concrete)

Signal cover Ø 75 mm for HaloX®

Signal cover Ø 75 mm for HaloX®
Signal cover Ø 75 mm for HaloX®
  • 1281-32
  • 4013456580961
  • Protects the interior of the housing
  • Three stable signal bristles and strong colouring for easy retrieval from the plastered rough ceiling.
  • Serrated edge structure for a clean installation opening
ETIM article class: Cover for box/housing for built-in mounting in the wall/ceiling
RAL-number (similar)
75 mm
Halogen free
Type of fastening
Plug-in cover
Signalling cover
With screws
For box-/housing length
For box-/housing width
With cable outlet
Additional technical data (ETIM)
Product information

HaloX® concrete installation housing (precast concrete)

System HaloX® is designed as a single piece for fitting in precast concrete. The housings can easily be aligned on the formwork table by means of markings on the housing. The housing with pre-fitted mineral fibreboard allows easy glueing and the housings can be turned by 360° on the formwork table even after glueing. Housings with pre-fitted front parts to hold the system magnet (Art. No. 1299-69/1299-70) are available for magnet attachment. Laying tolerances which may occur during the fitting of panel elements are compensated for via the housing sizes in connection with a variable cut-out area. Because of the compact dimensions of the housings, the reinforcement can easily be placed around the housing. For luminaires or loudspeakers with installation depths equal to or greater than 110 mm, the installation compartment of the HaloX® housings can be increased on the on-site concrete building site by means of extension rings. The fitting of the conduits on-site takes place without the need for tools for M20/M25 conduits without any internal shortening of the conduits.

  • For precast concrete slab ceilings and wall elements.
  • 3 housing sizes with and without tunnel
  • Single-part housings with integrated mineral fibreboard for easy adhesive fixing
  • One-part housings with plastic panel for magnet attachment
  • Toolless entry technology for M20/M25 conduits
  • Compensation for laying tolerances on the concrete building site
  • Optimal heat management thanks to maximum surface contact with the concrete


Mounting of the single-piece housing with mineral fibreboard...

…fitting of the one-part housing by means of system magnet (Art. No. 1299-69/1299-70).

Prefabricated element with integrated HaloX® housings is laid on concrete building site.

Subsequent adjustment of the housing height on the building site.

Toolless combination entry of M20/M25 conduits with conduit stop - no later shortening of the conduits.

After fitting of the conduits, concreting on the planned ceiling thickness takes place with the on-site mixed concrete process.

Panel element laying tolerances can be compensated for using the universal front parts (see system overview).

Cut the installation opening e.g. with the MULTI 4000 (Art. No. e.g. with 1083-10).

Processing instructions

The new signal covers to protect the installation openings from plaster materials are available in the sizes of Ø 68 mm, Ø 75 mm and Ø 80 mm diameter.

After formwork removal from the concrete ceiling or wall, the front part (e.g. item no. 1281-01) is opened with a blow of the hammer..

After the supply conduits have been pulled into the empty conduit system, the signal cover is inserted into the installation opening and simultaneously signals that the cable pull-in is complete and the installation opening is ready for plastering.

The inserted signal cover protects the installation opening from plastering material and, at the same time, enables flat removal and smoothing of the ceiling or wall surface.

The red signal bristles are flexible during the smoothing process and do not hinder this work step but, at the same time, are stable enough to keep the position in the plaster surface recognisable.

After the plaster has hardened, the signal covers can be easily moved into the housing with a blow of them hammer in the centre...

...and then the plaster residues protruding into the installation opening can be removed with a knife along the inner recess edge, so that a clean installation opening is created.

Now the signal cover can be easily removed from the housing due to its elastic material...

...and the desired built-in luminaire can be connected and mounted.

The elastic material of the signal cover allows it to be deformed without damage and, thus, to be freed quickly and effortlessly from plaster residues.

In addition to use in fixed HaloX® front parts, these can also be used in the universal front parts made from plastics...

...or mineral fibre board.

Product data sheet

Signal cover Ø 75 mm for HaloX®

Article no: 1281-32