Multiple air-tight sleeves ECON®

Cable-sleeve ECON®

Cable-sleeve ECON®
Cable-sleeve ECON®
  • 9059-61
  • 4013456537392
  • 1-piece
  • extremely strong adhesion
  • Temperature resistance from -25°C to +80°C
  • UV-resistant, halogen-free
ETIM article class: Accessories/spare parts for junction boxes/cases for mounting in the wall
Type of accessory/spare part
Spare part
Suitable for built-in installation box
Suitable for central conduit box
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Product information

Multiple air-tight sleeves ECON®

Cable and conduit sleeve ECON® for reliable sealing of up to 6 cable or conduit entries through the air-tight building shell - ideal for digital satellite units.

  • Flexible sealing of 1 to 6 cables or conduits
  • Low space requirement, powerful adhesion
  • Completely toolless wall installation
  • Sealing even when cables are extremely kinked
  • Unused entries are reserved for later installations

Examples of use

Connection of a digital satellite receiver unit.

4 coaxial cables are connected here for reception.

The mast which supports the parabolic mirror must also be incorporated in the equipotential bonding.

The cables are fed through the building's air-tight seal. This entry must be permanently sealed air-tight.


ECON® technology's toolless cable or conduit entry offers maximum ease of installation and permits fast processing.

Before the sleeve can be glued in position, make sure that the surface is free of dust. Then remove the protective foil,…

…glue the sleeve in position and thoroughly smooth it onto the surface, working from the inside to the outside.

The sleeves guarantee permanent sealing of entries, even when cables are extremely kinked. Retrofitting is easy.

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Cable-sleeve ECON®

Order number: 9059-61